About Me

I hail from the suburbs of New York City by way of Houston, Texas, where I studied Philosophy and Evolutionary Biology at Rice University.

A big part of my identity (and t-shirt collection) revolves around music, novels, movies, and television shows. I don't quite know how to elaborate without an extremely long list of examples which will feel incomplete to me and never-ending to you. Below is a start, in the form of Spotify's mediocre summary of what I've been listening to recently. I can guarantee that misanthropic artists like Woolf, Albee, Bergman, and Farhadi are more responsible for my philosophical views than anyone who has a PhD in Philosophy.

Speaking of misanthropes, I am also a longtime fan of the New York Mets and Jets. They've taught me a lot about nihilism.

A photo of me graciously sent in by a time-traveler from the year 2070